Biodynamic Massage

Touch is a profoundly important way to experience ourselves in connection with life.  How we touch, whom we touch and the quality of contact are all fed back to our brain to ground us in our feelings of safety and expansion in our daily living.

Biodynamic massage supports the flow of life energy by a respectful and sensitive use of touch which is tailored to your particular needs on the day.  Using a variety of techniques, which work at levels of skin, muscle, bone and aura, it will support the release of energetic and tissue blockages, which inhibit your experiences of a harmonious pulsation of energy.  Biodynamic massage will also calm the nervous system and help to develop a greater feeling of living in the body.  It is essentially a gentle process, and may sometimes involve very little movement.  Biodynamic massage uses no oils, can be done over light clothing and offers a unique way to come in contact with your body.

  • Let you feel safe, contained and well supported

  • Energise or calm, reassure and affirm you

  • Let you breathe deeper and therefore release tensions in the tissues

  • Stimulate the lymphatic system and digestion, and increase the circulation of blood

  • Release endorphins, the body’s own pain killers and can help to relieve pain, depression and anxiety

  • Make us more aware of where we hold stress in our body and how to work towards its resolution

  • Help the body to recover from trauma/post traumatic stress syndrome

  • Give you a greater sense of yourself