Practical Matters

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My practice has been re-organised and prepared to fulfill governmental guidelines in relation to Covid-19. The therapy meeting lasts one hour on a weekly basis and after an initial session, we normally agree to a certain number of sessions to set up a trusting and solid working relationship. After that, there is an open-end policy in place.  At times, you might be able to resolve an issue in a relatively short space of time to such an extent, that you decide to leave it at that point.  At other times, you might like to explore emerging issues a bit further.

Therapy lasts as long as it leads you towards

a helpful direction.

At present, I charge 65 Euros, payable at the time of the session.  Reduced fees can be discussed for students and people who are unemployed or on low income.


Psychotherapy is based on trust and confidentiality and what is said or done in the room stays there except in cases of emergency as listed in the IAHIP code of ethics or with your approval.  Wherever possible, I will discuss my actions with you beforehand.

Due to the present circumstances, I offer online sessions. 

Of course the online session will have a different feel compared to a face to face meeting.  Some people are delighted not having to travel and feeling very comfortable talking from the safety of their own home.