In my practice, I'm offering integrative psychotherapy.  It means for me that healing can take place when we connect more to our inner self; when we can be the person we feel we are, do what we want to do and when we relate to other people through meaningful relationships.  Of course, how we see ourselves, our aspirations and our goals, is forever changing and evolving.  To find out can at times be a deeply satisfying journey.  

I strongly feel that we all have the ability to find our own truth, our own rhythm within ourselves; a meaningful therapeutic relationship can support you in this.

By sharing in a safe space and being listened to without judgement, you might be able to make better sense of your experiences, thoughts and emotions.  You might be able to think more clearly and kindly about yourself and clarify your connections to others.

If you've never been in psychotherapy, it can be hard to believe that "just talking" can be helpful.  But if you’re depressed and feeling bad about yourself, it can be profoundly helpful to have an in-depth conversation in which you come to understand and respect yourself.  If your emotions are confusing, talking about them can bring clarity.  Talking about stress can be the first step to make it more manageable.  If you’re a part of a couple or family in conflict, you might find that tensions ease by creating a safe space for real conversation.