Sometimes life doesn’t run smoothly.  No matter how hard we try to manage what is thrown at us, certain issues sometimes become too much to cope with. These could be losing someone through death or separation, feeling exhausted, isolated or burnt out, not feeling accepted and valued, questioning sexual issues, finding oneself in an abusive relationship or simply searching for more meaning in life, to mention just a few.  Life can take its toll and at times, doesn’t let us live to our full potential in regard to embracing possibilities, happiness and excitement.

I’m offering INTEGRATIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY because I believe it can help us to connect to the limitless human potential within us.  In my confidential setting, you will be able to talk about your experiences, feelings and thoughts.  Together we will explore the underlying causes for your present life situation by looking at them constructively, honestly and with compassion.  As we engage with them, we will discover resources to relate to emotions like frustration, anger, sadness, longing, grief or depression, but also to joy and excitement.  

Therapy can help us to recognise possibilities of how to live life and make decisions consciously.